We offer our services in Project and Management Consultancy to our client. The quality and consistency of our services is based on the solid foundation of a structured knowledge base, appropriate tools & techniques and regular interaction with our clients and Financial Institutions. To offer best services, we provide the list of documents which are required for the proposed projects, obtained from the client(s) for preparation of Project Report(s) for financial assistance. MPCON not only provide project based support to the clients, but also provide additional information/support which suit them for their venture/unit, as and when required.

We offer need based Consultancy on :-
• Detailed Project Report (DPR) for new Entrepreneurs and Techno Economic Feasibility Report (TEFR) of the unit to avail financial assistance from Financial Institution(s).
• Modernization, Expansion & Diversification Feasibility Studies for new Technology, Installation of additional Plant & Machineries, New Product(s)/Services, Value added process, new market for existing units/ venture(s).
• Market Potential Survey to assess the Demand of the product, its universe, Demand- Supply Gap, Product Knowledge, Market Strategy, Market Segmentation etc.for new and existing client(s).
• Evaluation Studies for Central and State Government Department and Financial Institutions’ Schemes.
• Raw Material Availability Studies to assess the quality ,quantity, procurement process of RM, its price, supply etc
• Loan Syndication from financial institutions from unit’s inception to the commencement of the project.
• Sick Unit Rehabilitation studies as per the norms and prepare Rehabilitation Study Report after assessing Technical & Financial aspects.